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Our Story

Rescue: APAC Cuba is committed to rescuing the sick, injured and abandoned cats and dogs in Cuba, where there are no animal welfare laws for companion animals and an estimated more than one million homeless animals. These animals are treated for all health issues, from parasite treatment, to long term recovery care, they are sterilized and vaccinated. Based on their individual story, some animals are released back to their habitat or they stay with us until they find a forever home.

Campaigns: It is proven that sterilizing animals is the most humane and most sustainable form of population control, which is why we host and participate in free sterilization campaigns for families in Cuba, homeless animals and colony cats.

Veterinary Care: We provide low cost and free veterinary care to families in need.

Cat Cafes: A Cat Café is an agreement between a hotel and our organization. Hotel management agrees to feed and care for the colony cats which call their grounds home in exchange for medical care and sterilization completed by APAC. At each of our partner hotels, Iberostar Varadero and Roc Barlovento there has been a significant decrease in the population of feral cats. Cat Cafes are proof that animals and hotel facilities can co-exist peacefully.

Changing their lives and futures requires compassion and commitment. We know that every animal we help, every life saved and every sterilization done brings us one step closer to making our dream a reality – where all the animals in Cuba are safe and cared for. With dedication, education, love, and a community of amazing volunteers and supporters, we WILL change the future for animals in Cuba.


By providing a monthly sponsorship donation, you can guarantee that an animal has food every day, a safe place to stay, and health care.


Your generosity will help APAC provide animals with life-saving vaccinations, food, health care, hygiene, and hope for a brighter future.