Adopting from APAC

APAC strongly believes that improving the lives of the animals in Cuba must be done from within. It is for that reason that we focus most of our efforts on adopting animals inside of Cuba. However, we have had many supporters fall in love with an animal while following their story, so we do allow adoption to Canada, Europe, and the USA.


(Canada only. Please contact us for details on adoption to other countries)

Dogs $400* CAD

Cats $350* CAD

This fee will cover:

  • Food and medication while the animal is with APAC
  • Distemper/Parvo vaccination (dogs only)
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Sterilization
  • Cost of export documents
  • Required travel within Cuba

Cost of flight and customs fee is not included. See below for these costs.


The fee for transportation depends on the airline. The following prices are for transport to Canada and are in CAD and are valid as of 08/13/2019:

Air Transat – $50-$100 (contact us about flight waivers)

Westjet – $150 to $200

Air Canada – $270

If you are unable to fly with the pet, we will need to find a flight parent, which can sometimes take a while. 

**Cost of travel in the baggage compartment.


Rescuing a Homeless Animal

We understand what it is like to fall in love with a homeless animal while vacationing in Cuba, which is why we provide assistance to those who choose to adopt a homeless animal they have met during their stay. We will offer help with the process of bringing your animal home, and boarding for them until they are able to leave.


A non-refundable $100 CAD deposit will be required immediately; put to wards covering the costs stated below. It is important to note that APAC does not profit from providing adoption assistance. The only costs associated are those of the export process and of caring for the animal while they undergo any necessary treatment and preparation for entering your country.

The following is a list of costs that you may be required to cover for your animal: 

  • TBD        Travel to pick up the animal (25CUC to Varadero)
  • TBD         Medical expenses
  • 15CUC      One distemper/parvo vaccine (dogs under 1 year of age receive 2)
  • 30CUC     Travel for the animal to Mantanzas for export documents
  • 10CUC      Export documents
  • 30CUC     Travel to the airport
  • 30CUC     Sterilization
  • FREE        Rabies vaccination
  • $40 CAD  Customs fee (Canada)

We also require you to cover the monthly cost of feeding and caring for your animal. This cost is $15CAD/month and is equivalent to the cost of sponsorship.


The costs and details are the same as adopting from APAC. See above.

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