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Animals of APAC

APAC is all about the animals, so we wanted to share some of the furry faces of the APAC House with you. The APAC House gets new animals almost every day, so check back often to meet new additions and read updates.
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Blanka – ADOPTED!

Blanka is the last puppy remaining from Isa’s littler. She’s a very happy, confident, and playful pup, though she is shy around new people. She sometimes gets a bit lonely, but curling up with one of her trusted humans for some love and pets always does the trick.

Awaiting a flight


Doby was abandoned after years of living with a family. She came to APAC with CTVT, a sexually transmitted cancer common among Cuban animals. Her treatment was successful and she did not need to have surgery.

Sponsor: In loving memory of Rio


Finn is a lazy little guy, a trait he inherited from his mom, Mama Dog. He’s never in a hurry, and everything he does is in slow motion. He’s friendly with all the people and dogs he meets, and enjoys being around them, but he’d rather hang out in a nice shady spot than play with them.

Sponsor: Ted Sayer and Merrilee Davies

Little Giant

Little Giant is our miracle dog. He was found at the side of the road after being in a horrific car accident. After countless hours and immeasurable effort by him and our vets and team, he has made the journey back to health and has transformed into a truly happy dog. Today you can always count on a smile on his face and love in his eyes whenever you see him.

Sponsor: The Piwonski Family


Mama was rescued by a friend of APAC with her two puppies who were too sick even to move. Her demeanor is so calm and gentle. The world is beautiful in her eyes, and she takes her time in everything she does so she can enjoy it.

Sponsor: Taylor and Brooke Serghe


The cats of the APAC house mostly all have the same story. They were found in bad condition as strays and brought to the APACHouse. Now they make up our happy and friendly cat family and spend their days napping and playing while they wait to be found by their furever family.

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Matanzas is just the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. She’s unusually cuddly for a cat, which makes everyone who meets her fall instantly in love. She will follow people around purring and rubbing against their legs until she gets picked up and cuddled. All it takes is some love to make Matanzas the happiest cat in the world.

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Rex was rescued from the streets by a couple young friends of APAC. With some treatment for parasites, and tons of love, he has blossomed into an adorable, healthy, and very joyful young man. Rex has a uniquely soft side when it comes to the kittens of the APAC House, which has earned him the nickname “Uncle Rex”. He can often be found with them, taking care of them, and carrying them about for no apparent reason.

Sponsor: Laura and Blake Manton


Salsa was rescued last year from Jibacoa. Through no fault of her own she has been through two failed adoptions in her time with us. She is a very happy and confident young lady, and is known at the APAC house for always greeting everyone with a smile, a wagging tail, and lots of kisses. She’s very playful and used her long legs to spring about playing with every dog she sees.

Sponsor: Alison Watt and Larry MacFadyen


Scrappy was a sick looking dog at Roc Barlovento, but he was so sweet that we were contacted by a couple different friends of APAC who wanted to help him. He is safe with our team and is undergoing treatment for some infections. Though he was a bit nervous to begin with, he has realized how great it feels to be loved, and spends his days seeking pets from everyone he sees.

Sponsor: Joe and Tiffany Young


Star is our pretty girl with the sway in her step. She came to us with an injury in her back leg that never healed properly, leaving her with saunter as unique as she is. This sweet little girl is a heart melter with her very gentle and calm demeanor, and that adorable face.

Sponsor: Heather Knott

The Mushroom Kitties

Marion and Mariona were rescued and brought to us by friends of APAC. This brother and sister have a very strong bond and when you find one, it’s a sure bet the other is close by. These siblings have been looking for a furever home for a while, but they don’t mind waiting until the perfect family, that is willing to adopt them both, comes along. Until then, you’ll find them happily sprawled out in the sun, or playing with toys, always together.

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Charly was found as a tiny kitten who was terrified of everything. With a lot of love and handling, she has bloomed into a very sweet little girl. Charly decided to become a member of the APAC team by mentoring and caring for new kittens, and her work is invaluable. She is officially our smallest team member. You’d never know this incredible little girl is blind; it sure doesn’t hold her back!

Sponsor: Deja and The Cubans


Enrique is a very affectionate and outgoing little guy, who is good with cats and calm dogs. He loves to be loved and will happily lay draped around your neck purring while you go about your day. He will rub his head all over you and give you gentle love bites and swats when wants more attention.

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Leo is a very happy dog who is affectionately nicknamed Mr. Popular because he finds a friend in everyone he meets, whether two legged or four. This positive attitude towards life is truly inspiring given his past. Leo was found chained on a hot roof with no shade, wearing a metal muzzle that didn’t allow him to eat or drink. He’s about five years old, and has some health issues that make some consider him a lost cause, but we certainly don’t think so, and you can tell by his love of life that he doesn’t think so either. Leo’s favorite thing to do is just soak up as much love (and belly rubs) as he possibly can, and everyone who meets him is more than happy to oblige.

Sponsor: Dave and Patti Yonev


Lolita was rescued from a hotel by a friend of APAC. She was found covered in scars and missing part of her tongue from being attacked by other dogs. Despite her rough past, she is a very sweet and loving girl who gets along with absolutely anyone. We thought she was going to her furever home last March, but, through no fault of her own, it wasn’t meant to be. Now this pretty little girl is back with us and looking for her true furever home.

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Photo Credit: The Dogs of Cuba

Mama Cat

Before we came along to turn the house into our APAC House, it was lived in by a lovely kitty who welcomed us with open arms. Her name is Mama Cat. She is so sweet and loving towards everyone, but especially the kittens. She accepts each new kitten as her baby, and they accept her as mommy, even suckling from her, though she has no milk. She cleans them when they are dirty (and sometimes even when they aren’t), and does her best to keep them out of trouble. She truly suits her name to a T.

Sponsor: Lily and the MacLeods


The cats of the APAC house mostly all have the same story. They were found in bad condition as strays and brought to the APACHouse. Now they make up our happy and friendly cat family and spend their days napping and playing while they wait to be found by their furever family.

Sponsor: Amanda Gallant


Peach was rescued as a tiny puppy. From the start she was a very affectionate and playful little girl, who just loved to play wrestle. She has the whole team wrapped around her little finger, and everyone she meets falls instantly in love with her mischievous and loving demeanor. She was named Peach because she is small and fuzzy, just like a peach, and she’s certainly as sweet as one too.

Sponsor: Shan Dube


Ricky Ricky is a small cat who likes to be independent when it suits him. When the possibility for a head scratch is involved, he’s happy to put aside his independant persona to take on the role of cuddle bug. The cats of the APAC house mostly all have the same story. They were found in bad condition as strays and brought to the APACHouse. Now they make up our happy and friendly cat family and spend their days napping and playing while they wait to be found by their furever family.

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Santa, named for her little white beard, was brought to us as part of a litter by a friend of APAC. Sadly, she was the only one to not be adopted. She escaped from the kitten room, and has since been quite happy with her freedom to walk about the house and the roof. She is friendly with everyone, but forms strong bonds with her selected few humans, and once she has bonded with someone, she likes to always be near them. Though she is extremely friendly, she’s not much of a cuddler, and instead prefers to pass by for a scratch on her way to find that perfect sun beam to nap in.

Sponsor: Alison Watt and Larry MacFadyen
Photo Credit: Shannon Dobbs


Skipper is a sweet and independant boy around a year old. His shape and markings are similar to that of a Doberman, though we will never know exactly what he is. He’s very calm and gentle, and he loves just laying around watching the world go by. Skipper is friendly with everyone, regardless of species.

Sponsor: Alison Watt and Larry MacFadyen


Tako was brought to us by a family who could not afford to keep him after his owner passed away. He is about 4 years young and has nothing but love in his heart for everyone he meets, whether they are humans, dogs, or cats. He’s a very calm dog who loves to just relax and get pets.

Awaiting a flight


We rescued Vip so we could clear up his skin parasites and then let him move on…he had other plans. Vip decided he liked APAC so much that he wanted to stay, so he made himself one of the team by becoming a foster dad. Today he spends his time with new kittens, teaching them the ways of the world and the very best sounds to make to ask for treats.

Sponsor: Jean MacFadyen