What Is The Cat Café?

A Cat Café is an agreement between a hotel and our organization where the hotel agrees to feed and care for it’s feral cats in exchange for medical care and sterilization of the cats by APAC.

How It Works

We begin by studying the resident colonies of the hotel to determine the amount of resting areas required and where they should be located. Once we have set up these spots, we proceed to the trap and neuter (TNR) stage, where 90%-100% are sterilized, vaccinated, and de-wormed. This stage is conducted twice to maximize the number of cats treated. Finally, our team performs periodic checks to make sure any sick cats get the necessary medical attention, and to TNR any new cats. Hotel administration and guests are kept informed of the proceedings through every step of way.

The results:

At each of our partner hotels, Iberostar Varadero, and Roc Barlovento, we have seen a decrease in the population of the feral cats, and the remaining cats are healthy.

How To Help

There are two ways to help. The first would be to only stay at hotels with cat cafes, and to inform management that this is the reason you chose their hotel and that you appreciate their work. The second is to fill out a form (located at the bottom of the page) and submit it to the hotel you wish to see take up the cat cafe program. This will let them know that there is tourist support for the program.

Download Form Request by clicking here

For more information, reach out to us through our Contact Us page.