Sponsor – Leo

$15.00 / month

Leo is a very happy dog who is affectionately nicknamed Mr. Popular because he finds a friend in everyone he meets, whether two legged or four. This positive attitude towards life is truly inspiring given his past. Leo was found chained on a hot roof with no shade, wearing a metal muzzle that didn’t allow him to eat or drink. He’s about five years old, and has some health issues that make some consider him a lost cause, but we certainly don’t think so, and you can tell by his love of life that he doesn’t think so either. Leo’s favorite thing to do is just soak up as much love (and belly rubs) as he possibly can, and everyone who meets him is more than happy to oblige.

APAC is all about the animals, so we wanted to share some of the furry faces of the APAC House with you. The APAC House gets new animals almost every day, so check back often to meet new additions and read updates.
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