Sponsor – Mama Cat

$15.00 / month

Before we came along to turn the house into our APAC House, it was lived in by a lovely kitty who welcomed us with open arms. Her name is Mama Cat. She is so sweet and loving towards everyone, but especially the kittens. She accepts each new kitten as her baby, and they accept her as mommy, even suckling from her, though she has no milk. She cleans them when they are dirty (and sometimes even when they aren’t), and does her best to keep them out of trouble. She truly suits her name to a T.

APAC is all about the animals, so we wanted to share some of the furry faces of the APAC House with you. The APAC House gets new animals almost every day, so check back often to meet new additions and read updates.
Just can’t get one of these little guys out of your head? You can sponsor them!