Sponsor – Raisin

$15.00 / month

In November, we shared Raisins story, a small homeless dog with a severe infestation of external and internal parasites. We had tried to treat him on the streets, but his condition worsened so we brought him into our care where we could keep a close eye on him and continue with a strict regiment of medication and bathing.

For a while, we were not hopeful about the outcome for Raisin. He needed to be force-fed through a syringe as he would not eat on his own, he was too weak to stand up, and at one point he started to turn yellow which could have been jaundice, or been caused by his liver failing – but Raisin kept fighting, and he allowed our caregivers in Cuba to continue to fight for him. The yellow went away, he started to eat on his own and a couple weeks ago, Raisin started feeling strong enough to walk around a little bit.

He still has a long way to go, but every day we are seeing positive changes in him. He gives us hope, and he gives us strength.

APAC is all about the animals, so we wanted to share some of the furry faces of the APAC House with you. The APAC House gets new animals almost every day, so check back often to meet new additions and read updates.
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