Sponsor – Santa

$15.00 / month

Santa, named for her little white beard, was brought to us as part of a litter by a friend of APAC. Sadly, she was the only one to not be adopted. She escaped from the kitten room, and has since been quite happy with her freedom to walk about the house and the roof. She is friendly with everyone, but forms strong bonds with her selected few humans, and once she has bonded with someone, she likes to always be near them. Though she is extremely friendly, she’s not much of a cuddler, and instead prefers to pass by for a scratch on her way to find that perfect sun beam to nap in.

APAC is all about the animals, so we wanted to share some of the furry faces of the APAC House with you. The APAC House gets new animals almost every day, so check back often to meet new additions and read updates.
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