Sterilization Campaigns:
If you are visiting Cuba between late fall and spring and would like to volunteer at a sterilization campaign, please contact us ahead of time. We always welcome volunteers at our sterilization campaigns.

Flight Parent:

Sometimes people adopt an animal but are unable to return to Cuba to bring it home. When this happens, we rely on our volunteer flight parents to transport the animals with them when they return from their vacation in Varadero. Everything is organized and arranged by us and all costs are covered by the adopting family. All it takes is 30 minutes of your time to become such an important part of an animal’s journey to their forever homes.

Transport Supplies:

Like becoming a flight parent, all that’s required is for you to transport the needed supplies with you to Cuba. The exact details vary slightly depending on your airline, but everything will be organized by us. If you choose to bring an extra piece of luggage full of supplies, we cover any potential costs. It’s truly no more complex than bringing an extra suitcase of clothes. We also offer pick-up from your hotel.

Spend time at our House:
We have many cats and dogs at the APAC House, and they absolutely love visitors. Feel free to stop by to meet the animals of APAC and help out with daily tasks like cleaning, taking the dogs for walks, and bathing the animals. We love it when tourists get involved!
Go on a tour:
Take a tour with Anton, our Cuban Coordinator.
He will be more than happy to show you our House, some of our Animal Protectors’ homes, and one of our veterinarian’s clinics.